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Sunday, May 29, 2011


We don't meltdown because we are overwhelmed.
We meltdown because what we feel coming from you
Contradicts what we hear coming out of your mouth. 

What I see in your eyes is telling me
that what you see is nothing but a lie and a farce. 
Truth will out, but until it does,
We who "have Autism" will be impatiently patient. 

One day all of our tongues will be loosed. 
And then we will declare all we know from the rooftops. 

For we feel you.  We know you. 
You are not pulling the wool over our eyes and you are not hiding the truth. 

The things you want no one to know, as you let your flowery words fly,
Those things are known by us. 
You think because we cannot speak that we cannot know. 
Oh how you err.

One day you will fear and tremble
Before us, we who are your "stupid" and "barely human."
We who have been labeled as less than,
We remind you who we are, and tell you again so you cannot say,
"I didn't know."

The kingdom of God shall be entered by none,
Save it be those who become as a little child.
You do not believe in God you say?
You forget, we know you.  We feel you.

Your mouth says "God does not exist,"
But your heart says, "I fear he does exist."
Your mouth says, "I do not believe."
But your heart says, "Belief takes more work than I want to give."

You, who are so wise and cunning in your ways;
You, who think that because I cannot speak I must be stupid;
You, who say your definition is the only definition;
You, who see only in flat colors and hear only faint tones;

One day you will know us. 
One day all that you see as weak and worthless
Will stand before you in power and glorious.

Then you will see, then you will hear.
Then you will say, if I had but known.
But oh, remember, we feel you.
You did know.  Your heart told you.
Your pride was screaming so loud you would not hear
Your heart, speaking the quiet truth.

One day you will see where the true handicap is. 
It is not my tied up tongue;
It is not my violently shaking body;
It is not my eyes that gloss over when you enter the room;
It is not my refusal or inability to show I understand you.

The true handicap is this: because you have eyes to see, you will not see;
Because you have ears to hear, you will not hear.

The handicap is not mine, because I am not of this world;
The praise and accolades of this world mean nothing to me…
But oh, how you treasure them.

One day all of that treasure will turn to dust.
At the bottom of the pile, heaped up into a shriveling, shaking mass,
Unable to speak, unable to acknowledge understanding,
We will see you, and the ego you prize so dearly.

So speak on.  Tell our parents all you know. 
Break their hearts and give them grief you cannot comprehend.
Let your vanity be fed on those who come to you,
Hearts broken and seeking for solace and answers.

Speak on.  Spout your words, so self-assured.
We feel you.  We know you.

One day, all of the world will too.
We will speak, and on that day,
You will be silenced forever.

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