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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Healing Touch

Hi everyone!  It's been soooo long since I've written a post.  I suppose that is because I've been having a little growth spurt of my own and I find it hard to write about those things in the moment.  My brain keeps trying to analyze and then I just make what could be an easy process a very complicated one.  It's that boredom thing I guess.  There just isn't enough to occupy my mind and so I get bored and analyzing is what I do to stave off the boredom.

Anyhow.  So I'm sure most of you know I've been in Italy for the last 3 months.  It was an incredibly amazing experience and there was a lot of growth that took place in my life while I was there.

The thing I want to talk with you about today though is what happened when I came home.

I flew into JFK on the 12th of Dec.  It was a long but uneventful flight home.  The next day, while staying with my dear friends in NY, I went outside to play baseball with them.  They live just across the street from the cloisters in the Inwood area of Manhattan.  It was moments before sunset, so we were just going to make it a very short game.

I was hesitant to go play at all.  Of all sports, baseball is the worst for me.  Every time I have ever played it, I have been injured.  Every time.  Without exception.  So I fought the idea from the beginning.  But.  When an adorable little 6-year old walks up to you, gives you those great big brown puppy-dog eyes and says, "Please Auntie Tara.  Please could we play baseball?"....well, what was I supposed to do?

So off we went, my friend, her son, their dog, and me.  It started out fine.  I even hit the ball...quite an accomplishment for my depth perception.  I made it to second-base and over-ran it and fell.  I rolled and got back up, very impressed with myself that I was only two-big-mud-and-grass-stains-on-my-pants worse for the wear.  My friend said, "Oh, don't worry about that.  We'll get a load of wash in before you leave."  And on we played.

Mr. 6 was up to bat and I was pitching.  His mother was on 1st.  He hit the ball and in my attempt to "chase" him and letting him be safe on first, his mother had already made it to 3rd.  I stood between her and the tree that was our home-plate.  I dared her to try it.  And she did.  She ran wide, I gave chase.  Just as her arm was going out for the tree, I touched the ball to her back and she was out.  And then she went down.  She rolled and I stepped sideways to avoid her.  My left foot landed in a mole's handy work.  There was a very loud crack and snap and I fell down with waves of pain pouring over my body.

I've never broken a bone before.  I've chipped a bone.  I've ripped every tendon and ligament in that same left foot.  I've ripped tendons and ligament in my wrists and elbows.  I've sprained and bruised and strained almost every part of my body at one point or another.  But never actually broken a bone.  This was the most odd sensation.  As I laid there it was hard to know what to do.  Literally the pain was coming in waves, washing over me in a heat and pressure that I do not know how to describe.  My chest felt tight, like I couldn't breathe and I wasn't sure if I would ever live through this.

My friend, about the time the 3rd wave of pain pulsed over me, realized I was not laughing or rolling and came running to my side.  We both have a great belief and extensive experience in things that are only recently coming to be accepted by the scientific community as fact - namely, energy healing and natural, alternative health.  She began to do an energy pull down my leg and I instantly felt the waves of pain diminish.  As she worked I felt the pain go down and down until it was localized in just the injury.  I wanted to try to walk back to the apartment as quickly as we could, before the natural painkillers coursing through my veins wore off.

She helped me up and her sweet son (who had a moment before said "Mommy you could blow on it to make it feel better") offered me his bat to use as a cane.  We slowly hobbled our way back to the apartment, with great amounts of pain and crying from me.

I have spent years learning to trust my intuition when it comes to healing others, and I trusted it for myself in this instance.  I wanted no cast, and no traditional medicine.  My voice inside told me what I needed to do, and I decided I would listen.

After assessing the damage and learning that, indeed, my ankle was broken, I spent some time meditating internally on what would be the best thing for me to do.  Thankfully I had some prescription painkillers from my accident 6 months ago and so I took one to help me be able to do something besides drown in the pain.  As I meditated, my body told me exactly what course of action I needed to follow.

My friend had some products from Dr. Christopher's that assist in tissue and bone repair.  She lathered me up.  Then she cut a couple of slices of raw onion to put to my foot.  We bandaged it on and then elevated my foot.  Onion works as a sponge and is able to draw impurities out of the body.  In order for my foot to heal quickly, I wanted to make sure that the area was as free of impurities and toxins as possible.

Then I called a friend of mine who has just been learning quantum touch.  I asked her if she could work remotely (as current scientific data is proving that energy in one part of the world is affected by energy in another part of the world that has been intentionally connected).  She said she would try.  As we are close friends, it was quite easy to establish an energy communication connection.  She began to work.

I wish I had taken a picture of my foot before she began to work on me so the original injury could be seen.  I had one bone that was out of place and then the break in my ankle.  There were bulges and discoloration all over my foot.

While my friend worked on me remotely, I was in severe pain.  Even through the painkiller, the work caused so much pain that my body went into shock.  So we paused and called it a night.  I took another pain pill and went to sleep - sort-of.

We did more work on my foot the next morning.  Then I took a bus home to DC.  The following picture was taken about an two hours after I got home.  The bone was back in place by this time and the discoloration was completely gone.  I took a screenshot of the actual photo so that you could see the identification and see the time-stamp of when the picture was taken and how it was taken.  This shows there has been no doctoring of the photo and the exact time the photo was taken.

 The next day (Saturday, 15th) I spent the entire morning doing work on my sister and niece, as they were both in great need of help.  My sister had recently severely injured her spine and my niece was sick.  The wonderful thing about energy work is that when the practitioner works, it also heals the practitioner, not just the people being worked on.

Saturday evening I had a small birthday party.  My foot was already looking much better.  I asked my friend to do a little more work on me while we were watching the movie.  By the end of the movie, I could put weight on my foot again.  The pain in my bone was completely gone.

When I went home I did more work on my foot, with the assistance occasionally of someone to just help increase the intensity of the work.  Then I kept working on it through the night.  It was a little painful of course, but not too bad.  This morning I took another picture of my foot.  This is about 36 hours after getting home from NY.  The swelling is almost completely gone (the big ball on the top of my foot is from an injury that happened nearly 8 years ago when I was pulverized by a washing machine falling down a flight of stairs with me.  It is a ball of tissue that has never healed).  My foot is not quite it's normal self yet.  I still have pain and tenderness in the tissue part of my foot.  The tendons and ligaments are very sore and painful.  But the bone is completely healed with no pain.  I am able to walk on it and once I get moving, the tissues loosen up and movement begins to be more natural.

 This is quantum touch.  This is what I do when working with people.  You see, the body knows what it needs to heal and progress mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  If you allow it to do so, it will.  Sometimes we get in the way, or our limiting beliefs do not allow it to happen.  As the Savior taught often, all things are possible if we but believe.  When I work on people with Autism, they are so attuned to energy, that they instantly know what it is I am doing and they cannot seem to get enough of being with me.  I am not the one healing them.  They are healing themselves.  I am merely a facilitator who gives them the tools they need.  As my business moto states, we are "Empowering Families to Heal Themselves."

Quantum touch, emotional healing, and cognitive repair stimulation are the things that move children forward.  No matter the "disability" growth takes place in the way that is best suited for that person and I help that growth to be more intensified.  This is how I have always worked, but I've never been able to give people a clear visual of what happens because I don't have the equipment to perform cognitive functioning scans on my clients.  But my foot injury is a real way to see the physical reality of what quantum touch can do when the person receiving it is open to it's reality and willing to receive the healing it allows.  Remember, all things are possible if you but believe.  Dare to hope.

I am re-opening my consultation schedule now that I have returned from Rome.  If you would like to schedule a consultation or if you have questions please feel free to contact me.  To schedule a consultation send an email to or to ask me a question send the email to  Thank you for reading, and happy healing! 


  1. Awesome! It is amazing what the mind is capable of doing and It's amazing that you have the wisdom to recognize the power so that you are able to use it!

  2. I didn't know you were in Italy!! Che hai fatto li? Se vuoi parlare in Italiano, mi piacerebbe parlarti qualsiasi giorno!!