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Sunday, December 8, 2013


My dear friend shared a song with me several months ago.  It was powerful.  I loved what words I could understand.  And then I forgot about it, until recently.

I wasn't able to stop listening to it for a while.  (And those who know me know that says a lot because I am more of a meat and potatoes music kind of person rather than a candy music kind of person.)  Then I started thinking more about the song.  This song hit my heart in just the right place.  So, naturally, I wanted to share my thoughts with you.  :)

I don't know about you, but I suddenly felt different after my first time watching this video.  I'm learning to speak with my voice instead of the voices of my parents, older siblings, church leaders, friends, etc., etc., etc.  This song found a space in my heart that was waiting for permission to have expression.  What will it look like after this?  I have no idea.  But whatever it is, I know this song has made a difference for me.

It's not easy to do the something that the little voice inside keeps pushing me toward.  In fact, it's downright scary.  Stepping out there, being vulnerable, showing up - it takes a lot.  But mostly because I keep worrying about the things that are not in my control.  I worry I won't make it.  I worry people won't understand me.  I worry I won't be able to pay my bills.  I worry I'll not be able to help this particular person.  I worry I won't get any inspiration and then what?  I worry...and worry...and worry...and worry.

Guess what happened when I stopped worrying?  I started doing.  Imagine that.  Bravery isn't really all that difficult.  If I tell the other voice in my head (you know, the one that feeds my constant worry) "Thanks for trying to protect me, but I'm good to keep going this way." then suddenly, there's nothing stopping me.  I'm the thing I'm afraid of.  I'm the worry.

What about you?  What is it you were meant to do?  What makes you come alive?  What thrills you to just think about doing it?  What gives you energy, pizzazz, light, movement, desire to work, and thrills?  What fills your bucket?  If it isn't what you're doing, then why are you doing it?

Recently a friend lent me a book titled "Daring Greatly."  I haven't finished it yet.  Actually, I've barely begun it.  Because after the first few pages, I found myself again.  I got to work.  I decided to be brave.  Which means I haven't had a whole lot of time for reading.  But, as Emerson said, "When [we] can read God directly, the hour is too precious to be wasted in other men's transcripts of their readings. But when the intervals of darkness come, as come they must, — when the sun is hid, and the stars withdraw their shining, — we repair to the lamps which were kindled by their ray, to guide our steps to the East again, where the dawn is."

I have read.  I have heard.  I have understood.  I have had my own experience of reading God directly in my life...which has caused me to dare greatly, to be brave.

If you don't know what lights your fire, find out.  I dare you.  Read other men's transcripts and decide for yourself.  Then read God directly - for He is in you and part of you and shines through you.  Why settle for lamps when you can have the sun?!

If you know what lights your fire, but you're not doing it...WHY?!  

How big is your brave?  How great do you dare?  Be the greatness you are.  It's all there, inside you.  There's only a small voice of worry, doubt, fear...whatever tone it takes in your head...there's only that one voice stopping you from showing up as your greatest self.

Be brave.  Dare greatly.  Move boldly.  Act Fearlessly.  BE.

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  1. Tara,
    So thrilled to have come upon your blog (Erin posted your website and led to your blog) and I wanted to tell you that the most amazing book I've read lately is DARING GREATLY. Did Erin introduce you? My sister sent it all to us last year. You would love this sister of mine and Mike's. She is incredibly open on many levels and has studied shame and vulnerability for years. Anyway, did you finish the book? and what did you think? It would be an amazing Book Club to get on Skype and discuss with Erin and you. :)
    If we lived near you, or if you're ever in UT, we are SO interested in massage. I have an energy therapist friend (MTC comp) here who did all her practice hours on me in college :) SWEET! I was spoiled. I miss massage. It is my favorite physical touch and emotional release. We'd love to be weekly clients if we lived by you! Hope to meet you one day and to keep in touch. Thanks for all you've done for us!!! Robyn (& Maddie)